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RaiderZ Legend Update

Hello, we are informing you that our server was victim of a ransomware attack on February 3rd, 2023 caused by a software vulnerability in VMware, which left all our systems inoperable and prevented access to server files. The same virus that affected the server also spread to our most recent backup. Currently, we are working to restore all account data and reestablish our services.

Our most recent available backup is from January 18th, 2023. There is still hope of obtaining a more recent version, however, we depend on the support of the company where they were stored. However, we need to wait for the next business day to get a response.

We deeply regret what happened and ask for your understanding. For those who want to play during the time our server is offline, we recommend the RaiderZOnline.net server, which we have a partnership with. The RaiderZ Online server uses the NA CAP 40 client, but it is not 100% completed.

We will soon update this news with more information on the server's restructuring progress.

Sincerely, RaiderZ Legend Team

Rank Character Score
# Fauno 1240
# FakeStar 1164
# Kohakuu 1141
# EonFlux 1100
# LamudBR 1054