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Patch Note
- Added Ranking top 10 in Social press P (in test), the ranking have a delay to update 3 - 5 min.

- Removed EP from Dark Stone armor / Relentless armor / Jonny Brown's Ring / Jonny Brown's Necklace
Aranbas Belt / Stone Ring of Fire / Stone Ring of Water / Stone Necklace.

- Changed status of armor Renas / Dark Stone / Relentless 

. Cloth     will give only intelligence -Recommended for class ( Sorcerer/Cleric)
. Leather will give only agility          -Recommended for class ( Assassin)
. Chain    will give only strength       -Recommended for class (Berserker)
. Plate     will give only vitality          -Recommended for class (Defender)
OBS Players that need change armor register in this channel #change-armor

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