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Patch Note
- Changed Knights in LM.
- Fixed dismount after another player use mount skills.
- Added a sensor in cowen marsh near Temple to solve bug that player get into the ground when leave Ntor/Etor.
- Now Beserker's Fury, Mage's Knowledge, Assassin's Shadow can be replaced between them without need wait for 15 days to over the time.
- Added New Pet's to cash shop, and add to test in npc Buff Tester 02 (Ingen).
- Added Npc Brune's Glory (Ingen) in test.
- Glow Deteriorate will be already actived.
- Added Hat's to npc Michelle (Ingen). List :

. Ares Helm
. Dullahan Helm
. Spider Queen's Mask
. Classy Top Hat
. Doming Hat
. Pirate Hood
. Wreath of Flowers
. Torturer Helm

- Added Costume to npc Costume Artisan Lulu (Ingen). List:

. Casual
. Desert
. Work
. Farmer
. Loyal Raiment of Truths
. Thief of The Sea
. Casual Pirate
. Scholarly
. Craftsman's
. Carpenter
. Burglar
. Priest of Rendel
. Senior Priest of Rendel
. Linen dress
. Nun of Rendel
. Sonatine
. Masquerade (Preview only)
. Commodore (Preview only)

- Added 2 Costume Box to cash shop. List:

. Masquerade Costume Box
. Commodore Costume Box

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