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Patch Note
- Removed From Liden Crafter Weapons Dark,Dark Stone,Cyndea,Rebels.
- Decreased Damage Sorcerer of Suffering , Laborer of suffering (Liden Hill).
- Decreased health from corrupted of Darkness (Liden Hill).
- Fixed dismount of Lycian from battle zone after get hitted.
- Added System to change weapon skin in Website.
- Added Glow License to Craft in npc Muimumne (Ingen).
- Added Tab for Glow in effect button.
- Added Glow to test in npc Buff Tester 02 (Ingen).
- Removed glow from all weapons lvl 46.
- Reduced Lm mobs health.
- Changed all items Back on cash shop to 300 zen and all of it with same status.
- Added for berserker escape moviment speed aditional.
- Added new effect to test in npc Buff Tester 02 Storm of Light (Ingen).
- Added Cobra Hood to npc Michelle (Ingen).
- Added chance to get Bollack Helmt from Bollack (RM).
- Glows are made By @Rigenk  all credits to him.

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