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Patch Notes

- Adicionado no site sistema de pagamento via PagSeguro para brasileiros.

- All costumes in cash shop will change price to 500 zen each.

- All Dyes in cash shop will change price to 50 zen each .

- Winged Arrod 700 to 500.

- Steam Winged Arrod 700 to 500.

- Origins Winged Arrod 700 to 500.

- Elite pack 1800 to 1000 , will change 5x costume potions for 1 romantic costume box.

- Increased Tyrant Zombie's Mutated Blood.

- Removed recipes

- Ring of Set , Necklace of luck and Ambition. (still craft-able but no recipes required can be crafted at trish in ingen).

- Decreased Will of absolut rate drop.

- Made will of absolut not tradeable, and made Ring of Set tradeable.

- Fixed maximum value per item in the trade market.

- Fixed drop in party for boss , goblin golem , fungus , poluto.

- Fixed Makot quest line. - Made Iridium tradeable.

- Made Manelloth's Thunderbolt Orb tradeable.

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