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Patch Note
- Increased time for respawn Corrupted Darkness / manelloth (Linden Hill).
- Reduced aggro range from Corrupted Darkness / manelloth (Linden Hill)
- Decreased creepers damage (Linde Hill).
- Added quest Repeat for Temple of renas and Epic Temple of renas (Cowen Marsh).
- Added time cast 3 sec from all Lycians from npc sonatine (Ingen).
- Reduced Magical defense from aranbas mobs and bosses (Aranbas Volcanos).
- Reduced quantity items needed to craft Soi armor (Aranbas Volcanos).
- Increased a bit enchant rate to +9.
- Removed skill Scamper sequence (Berserker).
- Skill Inertia dont need drag to bar and active anymore (Berserker).
- Removed skill Emergency Salvation (Cleric).
- Skills Circle of punishment and Circle of healing now back to share cooldown (Cleric).
- Fixed skill Divine Arbitration (Cleric).
- Changed the way skill Uplift works in Circle of punishment (Cleric)
- Possession active second Savaltion/ Circle of Healing / Circle of punishment (Cleric).
- Now you can active and deactive Priest of brune using the skill from skill bar (Cleric). 
- all players that are cleric or berserker lvl 43+ got a book.

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