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Patch Note
- Available Lycian crafted in Sonatine in zone pvp.
- Removed spawn of creepers from quest Energy Survey.
- Removed mobs near npc crafter Liden Hill.
- Fixed Knights mobs from LM fast disappearing bodies.
- Fixed YHC-E85 boss from LM fast disappearing corps.
- Fixed debuff from boss YHC-E85.
- Changed quest Experiment from Liden Hill.
- Fixed portal after kill buttler.
- Reduced mobs quantity in few zones of Liden Hill.
- Keys added to Repair Kit.
- Nerfed Mobs from Liden Hill. 
- Nerfed Mobs from LM.
- Buffed Bosses from LM.
- Havest Soul become canot be trade.
- Added Silence and Ronin luck Box on cash shop.
- OBS : To craft your ronin or silence weapon , you need Relenteless Weapon from LM.

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