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Patch Note
- Increased stack of some items in game.
- Removed Exp from HH.
- Removed stack when receive debuff from Viva.
- Added Icy Roadway Admission Ticket to Npc Field Token Merchant (Ingen).
- Added a Fairy pet at first quest duration 10 days.
- Changed skill cooldown Cyclone Kick to 1 sec cooldown.
- Added to teleport premium option Zygniv (riode).
- Added Pure Red Dye to cash shop.
- Fixed skill Divine Punishment now this skills will give critical hit.
- Changed book [31-35] to [31-40] (Grand Wall of Silence).
- Added Christmas event (i will remove this event - 12/31/2018).

Event Box list of items:

Ice World Hero license
Hell Skull license
Rose Beycium
Ruker (30 Days)
Polar Bear (30 Days)
Polar Family Bear (30 Days)
Ice Queen Snowball (30 Days)
Winker's Nose
Santa Hat
Christmas Costume Box
Ruker License
Christmas Bag
Sea Dragon White License
Ice Queen Snowball License
Santa Doming Transformation Crystal
Santa Doming Transformation Crystal Permanent
Snowman Transformation Crystal
Snowman Transformation Crystal Permanent

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