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Patch Note
- Removed animation from Luck Elixir.
- Added a new Mount as gift for players that buy 10k zen (Swift tempest Lycian).
- Added 3 new version of Phaser Beast to cash shop and to test npc Buff Tester 01.
- Added chance to drop Artisan Breath on Arek and Lebaron from soi dungeon.
- Added new items to craft in Ingen to ncp Muimne (In Test).
- Added on cash shop Premium Teleporter Summon Gem.
- Added on cash shop Kingdom R Knight's Cape (Only for Female).
- Changed marker for Fall of the Emperor entrance on instance.
- Added in game Aranbas Coin , will drop from bosses inside SOI.
- Added Lycian that will be avaiable to use in zone pvp ( In Test, can be removed if needed).
- Increased cash shop items from bosses on dungeon epic.
- Decreased Tridymite box rate from Soi mobs.
- Increased Lv4 Potion / Ration and Capsule.

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