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Patch note

- Added glow to second daggers lvl 40+ (This glow is a buff and can get bugged sometimes).
- Changed Costume Redeemer from Battle Arena's Tribute Box to Tropical Beachwear.
- Removed chance to drop costume Redeemer from Battle Arena's Tribute Box.
- Removed Easter eggs and balloons from (ingen).
- Removed option to craft Refined Rose Beycium and Supreme Rose Beycium on npc enchant (Ingen - Rietz).
- Added option to craft Refined Rose Beycium Box and Supreme Rose Beycium Box on npc (Exchange)-(Ingen)-(in test).
- Fixed Hellhound 2 when player was able to lure only one boss.
- Added a new npc (Sophia) in (Ingen) to trade Wings / Kugo / Gember Bag.
- Added status for Kugo and Gember Bag.
- Changed Load Screen and Login Screen.
- Added a New Lycian (Swift Lycian) to craft on sonatine npc that will be able to use in pvp zone.
- Added New wings to cash shop.
- Increased stack 1000 to 5000 to :

Rose Beycium
Refined Rose Beycium
Supreme Rose Beycium
Strong Leather
Steel Bullion
Maple Wood
Unidentified Egg
Brilliance of Renas
Sturdy Fabric
Aranbas Fabric
Aranbas Leather
Aranbas Ore
Aranbas Wood

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