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Patch Notes

- Added a new npc in Ingen to craft pvp items (PVP Crafter).
- Added Warlord's Token on Epic Mt. Eda to farm and craft news items pvp.
- Its not Allowed use two rings of same faction on epic eda.
- Removed Mt. Eda Pilgrims Ring.
- Added Perfect Gladiator's Belt Level 2 to window effect.
- Added Blessed of Pyroxene Strength, Agility, Intelligence.
- Added Epic Mt. Eda pvp Armor.
- Added Epic Mt. Eda pvp Weapon.
- Added pvp Belt.
- Added pvp Necklace Chris' Pendant.
- Added Medal box for pvp.
- Added Battle Arena's Tribute Box.
- Increased the graphics on maps (Test).

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