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Patch Notes

- Added Catacomb Entrance to drop on boss Basteroe and Riviute (Map - Catacomb).
- Added Epic Catacomb Entrance to drop on boss Basteroe and Riviute (Map - Epic Catacomb).
- Changed screen to Select character and Create character.
- Changed Layout Color to Blue.
- Added Monster Coin for Lost Hellhound Wooden Box (HH1).
- Added Lost Hellhound Supply Box (HH2).
- Removed Monster Coin as reward from HH.
- Removed Hunter's Token as reward from HH.
- Added Chance to drop Holy Gemstone , Dark Gemstone and Lightning Gemstone to all bosses on HH2.
- Added Option to craft Voltaic Elemental Geode Box , Cursed Elemental Geode Box and Divine Elemental Geode Box.
- Removed Silver Dye from Cash Shop.
- Fixed problem to use skill after use Shadow Strike (Assassin).
- Fixed Shadiz and Skono to reset hp when Player die or reset boss.
- Added chance to drop Ancient Kinight's Helm from boss Fall of Emperor (HH2).
- Added Battle Lycian - Courageous Battle Lycian - Fierce Battle Lycian - Steel Battle Lycian to npc Buff Tester 04 (Map - Ingen).
- Added Hell Hunter Title to npc Buff Tester 02 (Map - Ingen).
- Fixed Description and Name for skill Divine Punishment when skill Priest of brune be active (Cleric).

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