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Patch Notes

- Added Second Vigilance (Defender) this skill is only for ability Retribution to skill Vigilance.
- Fixed skill inertia (Berserker) changed duration time 2 sec to 4 sec.
- Skill Inertia now is able to give a buff (Stamina Recovery) to skill Scamper Sequence.
- Removed dash speed after use Escape skill (Berserker).
- Removed Flame Concetration (Sorcerer).
- Fixed Assassin skills give debuff and paralyzing the opponents.
- Changed skill Veil of Darkness (Assassin) Now it is 1/1.
- Added back Courageous Battle Lycian, Fierce Battle Lycian and Steel Battle Lycian.
- Added quest Daily to get Keys to Ghost Rider Assault.

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