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Patch Notes

- Added Hp and EP Lv4 potions to Utilitary.
- Added Capsule and Ration Lv8 Combat to Utilitary.
- Added Troll and Ogre Guide Stone for Utilitary.
- Added Hermit's Ring and Holy Water for Utilitary.
- Added descriptions For Titles and Belt on Effec.
- Added Button for Log Off on Screen to select character (Have a visual bug when change account).
- Removed Hp and Ep Lv4 from npc and drops.
- Removed Button Effect and Utilitary from Screen.
- Added Beginners chat on Chat Tab Settings.
- Added Kingdom R Knight's Cape (Only for Male) on Cash Shop.
- Added Coupon To change Name or Gender or Appearance on Cash Shop.
- Added Ultra Artisan box x5 on Cash Shop.

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