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Patch Notes

- Added New effects and wings to npc Buff Tester 02.
- Changed gp prizes for quest daily on Cowen Marsh and Epic temple of renas.
- Changed respaw time for mobs mage on RM first Room.
- increased success rate for Superior Artisan Breath.
- Removed Cyndea soulstone as drop for troll on Rm first room.
- Fixed Polar Bear Family skill.
- Added new wings and effects for cash shop.
- Added new mount on cash shop Ice Queen Mount.
- Added Ice queen as envent , will be removed day 12/31/2017.

- From Ice Jewel Box you can obtain :
Winker's Nose
Bear Paws
Santa Hat
Slow Winker
Ice World Hero (Title)
Slow Ruker
Santa Doming Transformation Crystal
Snowman Transformation Crystal
Snowman Transformation Crystal Permanent
Santa Doming Transformation Crystal Permanent
Ice Queen Mount
Hell Skull (Effect)
Christmas Costume Box

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