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Day 06/03/2020 - Removed block in skill Shoult of Provocation (Ingen). - Fixed bug with Epic Mt. eda Lycian mounts when jump in the water. - Reduced quantity of materials needed to craft Relentless armor and weapon. - Reduced quantity of materials needed to craft Dark stone armor and weapon. - Removed Rebel's Weapon dark stone from NPC Crafter (Aranbas Volcanos). - Increased numbers of blood 2 to 3 potions that you get from Blood Container (Temple of renas). - Added Makeover to npc Muimne (Ingen). - Increased value of Aranbas Coin needed to craft Banned book (Ingen). - Blocked Transformation Crystal inside dungeons. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 06/05/2020 - Added changes internal for GVG Event. - Added Epic Boss Manager. * There have 4 Epic boss with different loot and you can check what which Epic Boss will drop in npc. * After you kill any boss you will receive his debuff that will last 8 Hours while you have the debuff you can't kill this boss again. * After kill 2 boss and then you will have 2 debuff from each boss , it will make you unable to talk with npc until one debuff end. * There is a big space inside zone pvp to kill the boss , if you kill the boss out of zone pvp wont receive any reward. * Npc is located in (Ingen) same place as old Epic boss. If you have any suggestion use channel #suggestion if you found any bug use channel #bug-report , if you wanna cry use admin dm not mine @FabioMR xD #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 06/27/2020 - Increased Shout of Provocation cooldown. - Sent a Book of Oblivion to players using Defender class. - Added a warning text for when players try enchant +6 to +7 without Blessing of Renas. - Blocked when players try enchant +7 to +8 and +8 to +9 without Blessing of Renas. - Added Video preview skills in Character creation screen. - Nerfed SP from few items. - Increased Sitar: Romantic Music skill to 10min. - Added Debuff for Heal skill in Epic boss Maps (Test). - Changed Epic boss status. - Increased debuff time to 12 Hours. - Removed Brunes Glory npc. - Fixed Camel Stuck after taking fall damage. - Nerfed Epic Boss Reward. - Decreased Sort Cooldown to 10 sec. - Added New Message when players send mail. - Limited the amount of items that players can buy in trade market.

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