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Day 04/13/2020 Size - 20mb - Fixed Pursuit effect when players that don't have Pursuit skill actived. - Fixed Party icon (Teste). - Changed Mini boss from LM first floor to reset. - Added to skill description Undodgeable when the skills is Undodgeable (Test). - Added Pastel Dye to cash shop. - Added Option Costume Weapon Preview to npc Horus (Limos Desert). OBS: Costume Weapon is not available yet in website. - Added Easter event. OBS: it is a simple event that you need farm and craft item. -Added Event Rabbit Manager to (Ingen). - The Event Costume Weapon you obtain in this event will be used in website when available. * How to Get Event Egg - Farming Soi / Lm / Toe Collect egg that will appear in (Ingen). This Egg from (Ingen) Have 12 hours cooldown and will have a Notice when it spawn and despawn. Event will be removed Day 04/30/2020. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 04/13/2020 Size - 16mb - Added Fairy Blue Pet [Lv 1 - 40] to Rufus npc in (Ingen) for players that delete it by mistake. - Added Grifon Pet flying around Event Rabbit Manager in (Ingen) so players can see how it looks before craft. - Decreased cooldown for Egg spawn in (ingen) 12 hours to 6 hours. - Increased drop quantity for Egg that spawn in (Ingen) the player will be able to loot now 15 Event Egg. - Added 3 news egg that will have a chance to drop in Soi/LM/Toe. - The 3 new egg added for Soi/Lm/Toe will be used to craft Event Egg in Event Rabbit Manager (Ingen). - The chance to drop new egg will be higher following dungeon difficult Means Toe have more chance than LM and LM have more chance than Soi. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 04/19/2020 Size - 8mb - Fixed Razor Blade Assassin Passive. - Added Veil of darkeness 3/3 for pvp. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 04/26/2020 Size - 7mb - Added character appearance in website , you will be able to change (Hair) (Hair Color) (Face). - Added Makeover Coupon for Cash Shop. - Added new description to Veil of darkness (Assassin). - Added new npc to separate Anciant armor Life/Power to craft (Limos Desert). - Fixed Players low level Getting Egg from (ingen).

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