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Patch Note
- Make Tradeable items from GVG npc (after use those items will bound to your character). - Added invisible Back to cash shop for players that wanna only status but no effect. Day 03/24/2020 Size - mb - Increased Ration Combat cooldown to 5min. - Fixed Use Ration Combat Lv. 8 and Lv. 9 together. - Fixed Use Capsule Combat Lv. 8 and Lv. 9 together. - Nerfed Capsule Combat Lv. 8 and Lv. 9 to be with standard status. - Added Costume Weapon Lv. 50 into the game , but players still need wait for website side. Day 04/03/2020 Size - mb - Changed time count of Luck Elixir and Fortune Elixir to stop count time while player is off (Test). - Added new system to block more than 5 players inside dungeon (Test). - Fixed Mobs not attacking players inside Monastery.

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