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Patch Note
- Removed npc food icons in Limos Desert map. - Fixed Drop list for Arabic Fabric in npc magnifying glass. - Enhanced Rainbow Potion change duration time 1 hour to 30 minutes, also player won't lost effect when die. - Buffed Red attack of Giant Shatter. - Nerfed Damage of Fall of Emperor Guards in Toe (Party). - Fixed quest Trust or not Trust (Limos Desert). - Increased Broken Sword of Emperor in Toe (Solo). - Increased Lock Pick stack to 200. - Added Debuff in all Berserker skills to test avoid ghost block, it will be a !!!!!(""TEST"")!!!!! * Even i used the word "Debuff" don't means any nerf in skills , it is only that when you be hitting your enemy he will get a debuff that will disable Block button.

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