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Patch Note
- Removed flinch from Expeditionary Magma Mage skills (SOI)
- Changed few dailies quest from ingen to be more easy and fast.
- Added Limos Desert to Teleport Stacy and Premium (Not availabe).
- Removed Christmas Key from quest.
- Christmas key become scrap sell it in npc , it wont be used in next year. 
- Added character animations when you not move your character for a certain time. 
- Fixed when you get stuck after you relog or get DC in LM and go to GM room. 
- Added New inn Premium for players that have Scroll of Heroes (More items will be add to Maid with time).
- Increased Stack for Adrenaline Krorong Ring to 9000.
- Changed icon in party when got that black window bug.
- Fixed some skills that are able to use in middle of sequence.
- Added New potions to tab Utilitary Esc + U (Level 50 is needed).
- Removed Scroll of Heroes from Elite Pack box in cash shop.
- Removed Combat Scroll from cash shop.
- Removed Scroll of Heroes from New character and added Exp Potion (7 Days).
- Added Flying Carpet Mount to cash shop.
- Added Flying Carpet Mount to Npc Buff Tester 01 (Ingen).

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