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[NEWS] Server in maintenance
Hello everyone who are waiting for the reopening of legenD RaiderZ !!!

I am here to inform that our programmer is already working on the solution to the server shutdown problem.

But unfortunately it is a problem that requires time and many tests so there is no way to be rushed, we want to apologize to you because we know that you want to play, but we also know that you will not stay in a server that is constantly having trouble to stay online.

So the best decision was to take the server offline until we could stabilize the server and ensure that you can play until the hand drops ?

As compensation for this, we will give a zen value to all players, still do not know the value and do not ask ?

The server will be reopened on 07/28/2017.

We appreciate the patience of everyone and the understanding and we want to remember that we are a new server, and we will still face many problems, but we will gradually fixing and making a good sever for all.
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