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[EVENT] PvP fight tournament with pepero naked 2x2.


Teams will have to fight each other using Peperos.


11/12/2017 (Sunday)

6PM (GMT -3), if for some reason I can't host at this time, event is moved to 7PM (GMT -3).

Additional info:

-Single Elimination Tournament;

-Teams can only use one of each Pepero;

-To win you have to defeat the other team;

-Only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams to win will be given a prize;

-The map and place will be given on the event's day;

-Peperos will be provided by the GS;

-Before any duel, teams will be checked, anyone going against the event rules will be asked to fix the problem within 1-2 minutes. If it's not fixed the team will be DQ’d.

-If you lack any member on the event's day you'll have to fill the member's spot and send another registration (Doesn't mean your new registration will be accepted)


Fully naked

Level Requirement:



No enchants;

No accessories;

No gear;

No weapon;

No costume;

No title.


Team 1st Place: 1k Zen

Team 2nd Place: 500 Zen

Team 3rd Place: 250 Zen

Registration format:

Team Name: (Not obligatory)

Team Leader: (Only the leader allowed to register the team)


Reserve Member: (Not obligatory)

Registration can be thread replie. Use the format above!

Registration will end at 3 am 11/12/2017 (GMT -3) or if we reach 12 party .

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