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Hello Adventurers! Today I came to talk about the new server event.

Arrow Each week there will be a different -MEDIA EVENT- where all players will be able to participate.

The event will be announced every Tuesday, and you will have until Saturday of each week to deliver whatever is requested.

This time to participate you will have to follow some rules different from other events.

----- MEDIA EVENT AUG/07/2022 -----

You must record a video INSIDE THE GAME with your character doing a DANCE somewhere in the game.

Ex: break dancing on top of a tower in Grand Wall of Silence or on top of a boat in Broken Mast.

  • Can record on any game map
  •  The video must be a minimum of 15s and a maximum of 30s in length.

For video to be accepted in this AUG/07 event, you must follow the following rules:

1) Post the video on your Instagram profile and tag @raidezlegend.
2) Post the video on YouTube with the title: "(Your char's name) - RaiderZ Legend MEDIA EVENT"
3) Submit both (2) Links to be evaluated.

Exclamation  NOTE: Instagram has the option to add songs to your Reels, use this to your advantage.

Exclamation Note: all steps must be followed.

For your application to be accepted you must comment on this post until AUG/06: With the name of your char + link to your video on Instagram and the link to your video on YouTube.

The player who makes the BEST and most CREATIVE video will win the event of the week. (Remembering that you must be following all the rules)


1st - 1k zen
2st - 500 zen
3st - 250 zen

Winners will be announced every Monday.


Character: Riquinha

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