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5 tips for creating a responsive website
Below is a list of 5 ways to ensure your website is responsive enough: 1. Insert the appropriate breakpoints We added this item to the very top of the list for a reason; people are often misguided when it comes to breakpoints and think they don't matter when it comes to having a responsive web design. However, if you insert breakpoints in all information and paragraphs on your website, it definitely increases its chances of displaying correctly. Desk Image taken from a Strikingly user's site The website has a better opportunity to properly display a proper interface in a wider variety of screen types. Without messing up other webpage elements like media and animations. 2. Have a fluid grid Instead of measuring pixels, website building software now uses a fluid grid.

 This predetermines the placement of elements on a web page . To create a responsive website, it is essential that the fluid grid can adapt to the screen on which it is viewed. It's much easier for a fluid grid to do this compared to pixels. That's why it should be used to create a responsive website. 3. Test Responsive Web Design yourself The most effective background remove service way to make sure your responsive website works as it should is to test it yourself. It's much better than asking other people to check for you. The results of this self-test will be accurate and tell you exactly what needs to be corrected. 4. Use only eligible media By eligible media, we mean using media that is compatible with the plethora of possible screens your website can potentially be viewed on. 

[Image: Background-Remove-1.png]

Companies can create a perfect responsive website by doing everything right, but then they add a bunch of incompatible media to ruin it. Please be sure to avoid doing so at all costs. 5. Pay attention to pimples wearesuperheroes Image taken from a Strikingly user's site Specifically, ensure that all buttons placed on your site for navigation are easy to use, even on the smallest devices. If they can do this, they will be easy to use from any type of screen, touchscreen or not! Some Examples of Good Responsive Web Designs Here are several great examples of websites that are incredibly responsive.

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