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How to participate?
To participate it is necessary to buy at least one number, the value of each number is 1K Gp.

Click here to access the raffle

When will the draw take place?
The draw will be held automatically on 09/01/2022 and the prize will be delivered afterwards.

What will be the prize?
The prize for this draw will be the mount Ghost Wolf which cannot be acquired in any other way in the game other than by drawing or buying of the raffle winner.

[Image: jYCI23x.jpg]

mount buff:
[Image: 9bnvB0j.jpg]

Is there a limit on tickets purchased?
There is no limit, if you want and have resources you can purchase all the numbers available.


  1. To be entitled to the prize, the winner must have purchased the number drawn by 08/31/2022 23:59 -3 GMT
  2. Not a purchase will be refunded and the numbers purchased are valid for this draw only.
  3. To participate in future draws, you will need to buy the desired numbers again.
  4. If you have any questions, get in touch via discord.

Click here to access the raffle
Raffle draw was held, the winner was number 944 purchased by Reine

Giveaway video:


number drawn:


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