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MEDIA EVENT --- TROLL --- AUG/15/2022 - Pani - 08-08-2022

---- MEDIA EVENT ---- AUG/15/2022 ----

You must record the video IN-GAME trolling your party.

Ex: Enter Theoran, lure all mobs and make your friends die, or in a duel in brunes, make a fool of your opponent and let him run for a few minutes; steal the field boss from another player etc...


--- RULES ---

1) The video must be posted on YouTube.
2) Your video must be no longer than 5min.
3) You must post with the following title: (Your char name + Raiderz Legend Troll Event).
4) You should answer this topic as follows:

Ex: Char: PanicatBR + video link

For your application to be accepted you must comment on this post by AUG/14.

The players who are the BEST trolls will win:

1st - 1k zen
2 st - 500 zen
3 st - 250 zen