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Thank you for your interest in exploring RaiderZ Legend the Kingdom of Rendel - all for free! Click Download Direct below to download the game client.

File type Updated Size Download
zip - 5,15 GB Google Drive
zip - 5.15 GB Mediafire

System requirements

Operating System Windows 7®
CPU Quad-Core CPU 3Ghz or faster
RAM 4-8GB or more
Hard Disk 6-12GB of Free Hard Drive Space. 20GB or more of free space preferred
Graphic Display DirectX 11 level GPU with 1GB of Video RAM or more
Sound Drivers DirectX 9.0c level compatible sound card. DirectX 10 or 11 preferred
Network Best online experience will be on a non-throttled, wired, fast, and stable broadband Internet connection


Rank Character Score
# padurewow 1604
# Azeroth 1586
# Animaker 1537
# Zabuza 1315
# Kohakuu 1141