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RaiderZ offers classic MMORPG gameplay features such as guilds, quests, dungeons, crafting and player versus player battles. It also introduces a non-targeting combat system where players actively participate in combat, similar to TERA. In addition to that, players will be able to cut or break off special body parts of special enemies and use these against them. Combat is skill based and each individual attack or ability must be aimed manually. Dodging enemy attacks, especially during boss fights, is crucial to achieving victory. Another difference from other MMORPGs is the unique character progression. There are no set classes and after reaching level 10, players can choose from a wide range of skills to develop their characters in any way they want. European Publisher Gameforge emphasizes that RaiderZ is "not a casual game" but instead is very challenging for even the most experienced players. One example of this is the fact that players will be able to fight against giant boss monsters on their own, even though it is advised to engage them in groups


RaiderZ blends gameplay features of MMORPGs with Third Person Action games, allowing players to actively participate in combat. Instead of the typical point & click controls used in most MMORPGs, RaiderZ requires players to precisely swing their weapons, dodge enemy attacks and maneuver around opponents to get into a better position. However, using special skills that can be placed into a skill bar still plays a big role in RaiderZ.


Fighting against strong and big boss enemies is one of the main features of RaiderZ. Whether in instanced dungeons or within the open game world, players will encounter special opponents that will require skill and teamwork to overcome. During battles, these monsters will lose certain body parts (e.g. horns, claws) that can be used as shields or weapons or will provide special abilities for a short period of time. Bosses in RaiderZ also use several special abilities like swallowing or grabbing players at random.


New pieces of armor and weapons are only gained through the crafting system. Players will have to fight against enemies or trade with other players to obtain component parts that are used to create new equipment. The majority of these items will be bound to the character that made it, however, the resources and the appropriate recipes won't.

Rank Character Score
# padurewow 1604
# Azeroth 1586
# Animaker 1537
# Zabuza 1315
# Kohakuu 1141